SHUCKED OYSTERS, Two oysters, shallot vinaigrette, burnt lime (NGCI) 8.45

(contains mollusc, sulphur dioxide)

CRISP SOFT SHELL CRAB, celeriac remoulade, mojo Picon mayonnaise (NGCI) 8.95

(contains gluten/wheat, crustaceans, Milk, celery, mustard)

SEARED SCALLOPS, leek, potato and chorizo broth (NGCI) 12.95

(contains Molluscs, milk, sulphur dioxide)

HAM HOCK BON BON, spiced apple compote, pork skin cracker 8.25

(contains gluten/wheat, eggs, milk, mustard)

TRUFFLED FIELD MUSHROOM SOUP, warm organic bread, salted butter (VGA)* 6.95

(contains gluten/wheat, celery, milk,)

FOCCACIA, olives, houmous, aged balsamic, cold pressed rapeseed oil 6.95

(contains gluten/wheat, sesame,)




MAINS CORN FED CHICKEN, leek gratin, spring greens, parmesan (NGCI) 17.45

(contains eggs, milk, sesame)

ROASTED LAMB RUMP, dauphinoise potato, tenderstem broccoli, roast Chantenay carrots, lamb jus (NGCI)

(contains milk)

23.95 14OZ RIBEYE STEAK, cooked on the bone in Garlic butter, roasted plum tomato, portobello mushroom, skin on fries (NGCI) 26.95

(contains milk)

SEABASS TACOS, pan fried seabass, mango salsa, seasoned fries, mojo Picon mayonnaise 18.95

(contains gluten/wheat, fish,)

FRUIT DE MER, oyster, pan seared scallops, crispy soft shell crab, skin on fries, aioli, celeriac remoulade, mojo Picon mayonnaise (NGCI) 24.95

(contains gluten/wheat, crustaceans, molluscs, milk, celery, mustard, sulphur dioxide)

FISH PIE, smoked haddock, cod and king prawn braised in a Snowdonia black bomber cheese sauce. Topped with mashed potato. Buttered spring greens 17.95

(contains gluten/wheat, molluscs, crustaceans, milk, celery, mustard)

SUNBLUSH TOMATO AND OLIVE PAELLA, roasted peppers, courgette, artichoke, aubergine, crispy shallots (VG/NGCI) 15.45

(contains celery, sulphur dioxide)

FETA FLATBREAD, honey roasted beets, whipped feta, chickpea houmous, tomato salsa, pomegranate, mint, sweet potato fries (V) 16.25

(contains gluten/wheat, milk, celery, sesame)


Dressed salad (VG) 4.50

(contains mustard)

Spring greens (NGCI) 3.75

(contains milk)

Peppercorn sauce (NGCI) 1.95

(Contains milk, sulphur dioxide)

Olives (VG/NGCI) 3.95

Skin on fries (VG/NGCI) 3.75

Sweet potato fries (VG/NGCI) 3.75




CINNAMON SUGAR COATED CHURROS, vanilla ice cream, silky chocolate dip 6.95

(contains gluten/wheat, soya, milk)

LEMON POSSET, honey baked granola, fresh raspberries* 6.95

(contains gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, milk)

LOTUS BISCOTTI CHEESECAKE, butterscotch sauce, mulled berries (VGA) 7.50

(contains gluten wheat/rye, soya, milk, sulphur dioxide. May contains eggs)

SELECTION OF CHEESES, Lancashire Cheddar, stilton, brie, apple and ale chutney, pickles, biscuits* 9.00

(contains gluten/wheat, celery, milk, sulphur dioxide)

CHESHIRE FARM ICE CREAM, brandy snap basket 6.25

(contains gluten/wheat, milk)

(V)- suitable for vegetarians, (VG) Рsuitable for vegans, (VGA) Рvegan option available, (NGCI) Рno gluten containing ingredients, * Рcan be cooked without gluten. POA = Price On Application, please ask your server for the price. lf you suffer from a food related allergy please inform a team member for advice before you order. Not all ingredients are listed on the menu & our kitchen uses nuts, gluten and other allergens. Although every care is taken to prevent cross contamination of allergens we cannot guarantee it. Should the listed product be una­vailable due to current circumstances affecting the supply chain it may be replaced by a similar alternative product. Fish may contain bones. Cooking oil may contain genetically modified ingredients. Weights stated are uncooked and approximate. Prices are GBP.