Hazy Session - A Haze Craze

5th September 2022

Hazy Session

Next from the Boilerhouse, introducing our double dry hopped, pale ale. If you liked our West Coast Pale, you’re in the right place…

Hazy beer is something that is taking the craft beer market by storm, we’ve taken the haze craze and put a Boilerhouse spin on it. With a classic thick, soft mouthfeel and decreased perceived bitterness, this pale ale is beautifully balanced. Pink grapefruit flavours to taste come from the combination of summit and centennial hops and chewy caramel malts, whilst pine and resin aromas dominate.

“Dry hopping” is adding more hops post-fermentation to increase the aroma and flavour of the ale, without extracting additional bitterness – double dry-hopping ramps up the qualities even more! Using all-American hops gives Hazy Session that real kick of grapefruit and resinous notes.

This 4.2% Pale Ale is available in both cask and keg. Available to order now for delivery to Manchester and nationally too…if you like hazy beers, you don’t want to miss this one.

Tasting Notes