Spiced, Iced, Baby

2nd December 2022


Last, but definitely not least. We have an epic brew to end our series of collabs with none less than our friends at Bundobust. Starting up as an Indian street food restaurant, Bundo opened the doors to their new brewery and taproom in 2021 from which, they took the craft beer market by a storm…

We’ve now collaborated with Bundo to brew Spiced, Iced, Baby. Probably the chilliest winter beer, bringing all of the festive flavours; spice, cranberry and iced tea into a pint of pale ale. Bright scarlet in colour, aromas of winter spice, clementine and cranberry linger. Flavours of black tea, ginger, and hibiscus.

The brewers started with a combination of pale ale malts, dextrin malts and roasted barley which created a sweet but roasted character and a full body. The addition of Mandarina Bavaria hops give it a modest hop bitterness as well as an injection of citrus flavours; tangerine, mandarin oranges and clementines. Summit hops amplified its citrus flavours and added a resinous finish. The real secret to this brew was Bundo’s special spice blend which emphasised the delicious spice flavours, enticing the warm festive feeling.

This 5.0% ale is packaged in cask using vegan friendly finings so that all can enjoy!

This festive delight will be on sale 6th December 2022 for the perfect Christmas treat on your bar. Available in both cask and keg for delivery to Manchester and beyond.

Next for the Boilerhouse? We brew 52 beers in 2023…yep, FIFTY-TWO

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