Rackin’ Crackin’ of Firkin and Barrel

25th July 2022

As we approach the end of the 2022 seasonal range, we’re paying homage to a key part in the brew-to-pint process, the racking. In the cellar, we know the feeling of arms and heavy mallets swinging, which is where Rackin’ Crackin’ was born…

So, what’s so special about Rackin’ Crackin’? Well first of all, it’s very pale… maybe even the palest cask we’ve brewed. To achieve this, the brewers used a mix of lager and ale malt. The versatile Centennial hops contributes to both the bittering and aroma – hence the aromatic pine and citrus flavour all at once! Just to top it all off, mosaic hops were added to give it the perfect, light summer flavours of berry and sweetness. With it being at 4.2%, it’s created to be perfectly sessionable for those classic beer garden days.

There’s more to this than the soft pine and floral notes coming from the hops. A touch of sweet dextrin malt goes a long way, offering zesty, tropical fruit flavours to taste making it the perfect summer quencher after the unusual heatwaves throughout the country this year. It’s available in our Managed pubs, select Pub Partners and trade customers throughout July and August! Don’t worry as we supply not just Manchester, but we have national distribution too… so you don’t have to miss out.

To end the Brewery Alive Seasonal beers, look out for our Barrel Thunder, a Cascadian dark which is being released in September.