Independent family brewer, JW Lees & Co are launching the Manc Passport, enabling drinkers to sample a unique experience of Manchester, whilst enjoying a pint of MPA. This follows on from their most successful recent campaign, “Refreshing Sounds” where they unearthed the UK’s best unsigned acts.

Launching 24th September for Cask Ale Week, customers can take a trip around Manchester and visit some of the more alternative venues in the city, experiencing the sights and sounds and of course a pint of MPA. The six pubs included on the first trail have been spread across the city to encourage drinkers to complete their journey in multiple trips so they can really take in all Manchester has to offer.

The pubs on the Manc Passport include everything from an iconic music venue to a chic city centre bar, a lively circuit bar, to a classic old boozer and other sites that embody the very essence of Manchester. All the pubs featured on the Manc Passport are each filled with character and encapsulate the city – quirky, different and alternative. When customers visit the six pubs featured, they will get a stamp in their passport, and on collection of six different stamps win a prize from a selection of quirky musical instruments.

William Lees-Jones, Managing Director at JW Lees, said: “The Manc Passport is a great opportunity for customers to sample MPA in a variety of pubs. Each pub is unique and plays its part in the history of Manchester and in making it the best city to live in. The diversity of pubs it’s served in reflects the popularity and alternative nature of MPA.”

The flavour of MPA is achieved by using a balance of Liberty and Mount Hood hops with British pale ale malt, which results in a beer style that is refreshing with zesty and fruity hop flavours and golden colour. Branded ‘The Real Refreshing Alternative’, MPA is a thirst-quenching beer with characterful flavours that embody the very essence of Manchester – alternative, distinctive and youthful.

You can take the beer out of Manchester, but you can’t take Manchester out of the beer.