Party Like it’s 1952! The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend

2nd June 2022

Happy Jubilee Weekend from us at JW Lees, we hope you’re soaking in the fun and not the rain this bank holiday.

To celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we thought that we would reminisce on our royal journey since we were founded in 1828.

As you’re probably aware, JW Lees is a proud family business that started when John Lees, a well-known cotton manufacturer, bought land in Middleton Junction and began to build the Greengate Brewery, where our journey started.

Greengate Brewery was founded during King William IV reign and expanded during Queen Victoria’s (1837-1901) and Edward VII’s time on the throne. These would have been mild days, mild beer that is, served in cask.
After incredible industrial growth in the early 1900s, Manchester became the fourth port in the country, putting our well-loved rainy city right on the map.

JW Lees Brewery was going strong during this time satisfying thirsty Mancunians grafting in the workshop of the world.

Fast forward to 1952, when the Queen started her reign as the longest serving monarch, we were still working hard, brewing beers that will be loved for generations and if Her Majesty was in the Gardener’s Arms, Middleton Junction, she would probably have been sipping our cask Bitter.

New flavours are brewing

The 50s were also a big time for new flavours. In 1950 we first brewed our malty award-winning Moonraker, the legendary strong ale is dedicated to a Middleton legend.

The story goes that farmers close to the Greengate Brewery fell into a pond, attempting to rake a reflection of the moon that they mistook for a truckle of fine Lancashire cheese!

Our strong ale should be handled with care but its fruity aroma and rich, sweet flavour are now the stuff of legends too!

As the Royal Family grew in the following decades so did JW Lees and the choice of beers available grew too, with the introduction of our first lager in the 60s which in 2018 was rebadged Original Lager. The is now our most popular beer, enjoyed in hundreds of pubs across the Northwest of England and North Wales.

Blast from the past

This Jubilee weekend head down to your local JW Lees pub to celebrate in style. With a range of fun events, great food and perfectly poured beer, there’s nowhere better to visit on this special bank holiday. From patriotic pub quizzes to great garden parties there’s something for everyone. And, what do we think the Queen would be drinking if she was at one of our garden parties… a pint of our premium, small batch beer, Manchester Craft Lager.

Find out all about the brilliant events we’re holding and have a royally great time.