Not One, not Two but Six Hops

22nd July 2022

For our annual conference, we wanted to make a special Boilerhouse beer. We ended up making something more than special, so good in fact that it’s available for free trade and Pub customers to stock the beer – in Manchester and beyond.

The Boilerhouse is where we experiment with new styles and varieties of beer. Our Head brewer, Michael Lees-Jones, and the brewing team, really wanted to do something different, hence the not one, not two, not even three…but SIX different hops to create a unique version of a traditional Bitter. This is a strong English bitter with a modern twist. Powerful and complex with its toffee, citrus and hope bitterness all in one grip glass, it truly is a divulging sensation.

A beer’s bitterness largely comes from hops. So, the six hops – what are they and why did the brewers add them? Fuggles, valued as the classic English, floral aroma hop. Goldings, used in our classic amber Bitter to create that honey-like undertone. Olicana, to add the punchy tropical twist on the classic characteristics. Archer, enhancing the floral aroma and adding a light citrus flavour on the tastebuds. Phoenix, to add the depth to the typical spicy bitterness. And last, but certainly not least, cascade. This was used to really top off the intense but well-rounded orange peel aroma.

But there is more to this Bitter than just hops. Adding Crystal Rye malt really defined the strong, dry and toffee body running throughout the ale.

All these elements resulted in a deep chestnut colour, floral and tropical aroma, and toffee bitterness to taste – coming in at 5% ABV.

Six Hop Bitter is available whilst stocks last – if you’re into Bitter, or even if you’re not… you might surprise yourself as this isn’t one to miss!