Mash Ripple - Available Now

11th May 2022

The next release of our seasonal beers, the continuation the brewery alive story, another fantastic new brew from our brewers.

The sun is rising and it’s a brand-new day in the brewery, what’s the first thing on the agenda? It’s mash (not the potato kind!) It is the whoosh. The whir. The rotation and hydration of barley. The fresh aromas of malts mixed with the underlying fragrance of sugar. The process of mash is truly the heart and soul of where every beer starts.

It’s not to be mistaken that Mash Ripple is a ‘boring beer,’ – take it from the guys who delivered the hibiscus hops which arrived in large flowers… To get the hibiscus flowers into the beer (and not block the filters), a giant tea was made. These hops create several reactions, but at the forefront, it creates a sharp acidity. The acidity comes through with waves of gooseberry and elderberry. But don’t be fooled, Mash Ripple is perfectly and intentionally balanced out with the use of Munich malt in the grist. This malt provides a soft, smooth caramel tone, complimenting the sharp, berry hibiscus. The addition of Hallertau Blanc further amplifies the flavour given its grape-like quality.

Oh, and did we mention it is pink? Visually, it is an intriguing ruby red with a pink hue, intentionally slightly hazy and finished with a pale pink head lacing the glass on the way down.

This revolutionary beer truly explores summer flavours and feels in all aspects. The beer itself is something completely out of the ordinary. It explores soft malt flavours tempering sharp, tangy berry fruit, not forgetting the acidity – a perfect drink as we dive into summer.

Our brewers wanted to create something out of the ordinary, and that’s exactly what they did. So, what are you waiting for?! Go and try it before it’s gone!