Manchester Craft Lager

11th August 2022

One of the best moments of any summer’s day is sitting in the sun and sipping a nice cool pint of refreshing, continental lager. Is it that feeling of being on holiday or the satisfying thirst-quenching refreshment that makes it special?

When we brew our Manchester Craft Lager we use the finest hops imported from the Czech Republic and Slovenia, the hops adding a distinctive continental lager flavour.  The foundation of the beer is our all-British lager malt grist and brewing experience that started in the 1950’s. Continental Style Lager, Crafted in Manchester.

We can guarantee you that summery sensation. Find a spot in the beer garden and lift a pint to your lips. Enjoy a beer brewed in Manchester, the best lager we could make, available across the North West, with refreshing continental style.

Manchester Craft Lager can be recognised by a few iconic features:

– Golden yellow colour – a deep gold that speaks of the rich and refreshing flavour.

– A taste of the continent, brewed in an easy drinking style.

– Premium glassware – classy beer glasses that make worthy of a picture in the sun for your beerstagram account

With a smooth, rich and refreshing taste, our Manchester Craft Lager is the perfect summer brew. We’ve had 60+ years perfecting the recipe, so we used our heritage and Mancunian roots to create a beautiful continental inspired craft beer.

Created with Celeia and Saaz hops, our smooth and refreshing Manchester Craft Lager has wonderful citrus and earthy aromas. The Saaz hops, usually used in classic Bavarian lagers, from the Czech Republic have floral, herbal and spicy features which add to the beer’s delicious aroma. The distinguished Celeia hops from Slovenia have characteristics of floral, lemon and lime. The hops are effective in golden-coloured beers like our Manchester Craft Lager.

Born and brewed in Manchester, a city of craft lager lovers. Our refreshing lager is brewed in small batches so it can mature for longer which leads to it having the perfect flavour.

Our Manchester Craft Lager is stocked at several great Northern sites like the Store Street Exchange, Sir Ralph Abercromby and No1 Canal Street. And of course, in all of our pubs.

Tasting Notes