30th January 2018

JW Lees have launched their newest beer ‘Stout’. Available from 24th January 2018, JW Lees Stout will be on sale in cask and keg formats.

The North West family has extended their core range following the successful launch of Manchester Craft Lager in December. JW Lees Stout is brewed with a mix of Chocolate malt, malted oats and roasted barley combined with English Goldings hops. The beer is ruby black in colour with a thick creamy head. It’s a delicious and complex stout with flavours of chocolate, roast and liquorice making it a very rewarding drink.

It is an original brew, first brewed in 2018 by Head Brewer, Michael Lees Jones. JW Lees Stout is a dark and brooding ale inspired by the rainy northern skies that have made Manchester famous and made JW Lees who they are.

Michael Lees-Jones said, “We are proud to be introducing JW Lees Stout into the family of beers. Using all the best ingredients, Stout is rich and velvety with a crisp finish. Pouring it in cask and keg will broaden its appeal, and that is what we have been trying to achieve by strengthening the range.

“We consider Manchester Beer and Cider Festival to be our home festival and one of the World’s best. We’re looking forward to hearing what the drinkers at the festival have to say.”

JW Lees Stout will be pouring at the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival from the 25th January – 27th January at Manchester Central.

Twenty JW Lees family managed pubs will be serving keg Stout from the 26th January 2018 with sixteen serving cask Stout.

JW Lees Stout will be available in 4.2% ABV cask and 4.1% ABV keg.

Stout as a category makes up about 20% of all ale volume and 6% of total beer. Craft stout is growing in popularity and has even been highlighted as a style to watch out for in 2018. As JW Lees are famous for award-winning dark ales, we think this rich dark beer with a soft creamy head will be a great addition to the market.

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