New line up of seasonal ales, with the first available to trade customers to order from December.

Every year, JW Lees craft a selection of special seasonal ales to complement their permanent range. With the 2017 range set to enter new realms, by offering their seasonal ales in 330ml can as well as cask, JW Lees now have an even wider selection of products for their customers. Each beer has its own unique style, influenced by events, brewing and JW Lees’ heritage. Next year, each ale is presented on a unique seasonal edition plaque, inspired by traditional chalk boards in their pubs.

JW Lees Managing Director, William Lees- Jones said; “Each year, Michael Lees-Jones, our Head Brewer challenges the Brewing Team to each come up with a new beer which will challenge us in terms of flavour and ingredients.  We then work with the Marketing Team to match this innovation with the way in which we take the beers to market:  in 2016 our best-selling seasonal ale was Kaleidoscope which was a real kaleidoscope of hop varieties as well as being served with a unique spinning pump clip. In 2017 for the first time all of our seasonal ales will be available in 330ml can as well as on cask which means that more people will be able to enjoy these one-off beers which celebrate the art of brewing at JW Lees”

There are six seasonal ales to look forward to in 2017. Kicking off the New Year is an Atomic Ale, which will be available to order from mid-December. This 3.8% ABV, auburn ale is available in pubs until February and marks the 100th anniversary of Ernest Rutherford splitting the atom. This positively charged ale is sure to kick-start 2017 in style.

Following on from Atomic is a whole host of ales to tempt you;

March & April, Aura. 4% ABV, golden ale

May & June, Dirty Dozen. 4.2% ABV, mahogany ale

July & August, Epic. 3.9% ABV, golden ale

September & October, Weaver’s Shuttle. 4.1% ABV amber ale

November & December, Plum Pudding. 4.8% ABV, mahogany ale