17th March 2015

Manchester based, independent family brewery JW Lees, has announced the launch of the popular cask ale, Manchester Pale Ale, as a keg beer.

Due to high demand, MPA has been made available as a keg beer to offer consumers a broader range of MPA products, which now includes cask, 500ml bottle and keg. Branded the ‘The Real Refreshing Alternative’, MPA in keg is a thirst-quenching beer with characterful flavours, it embodies the very essence of Manchester – alternative, distinctive and proud. With MPA being the breweries growing beer brand, JW Lees is keen to expand its growing market share and sustain MPA’s rapid growth since launch.

Managing Director of JW Lees, William Lees-Jones, said: “Manchester Pale Ale has been a favourite amongst our drinkers since its launch in 2013 and we’re thrilled to now bring MPA in keg to the market. Served the Manchester way, through a smoothing plate to give a thick creamy head, it’s guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds and with MPA’s drinkability, we know it’ll go down a storm. We’ve had many customers asking for MPA in keg so it’s great to be able to deliver on it and we know they’ll love it. Having MPA in another form adds another dimension to our portfolio of smooth beers, real ales, home brewed lager, imported lager and limited edition cask ales.”

The distinctly hoppy flavour of MPA in keg is achieved using a balance of Liberty and Mount Hood hops with British pale ale malt, which results in a beer style that is refreshing with zesty and fruity flavours and golden colour.

MPA in keg is brewed at 3.6% ABV and dispensed through a smoothing plate to give that thick, unforgettable Manchester head. MPA is also available at 3.7% ABV on draught and is brewed at 4.1% ABV exclusively for bottle. It is available in bars and pubs throughout the UK in cask (9g) and 500ml bottle format. MPA cask is available through Carlsberg and Heineken distributors. MPA bottle is now available in selected Tesco, ASDA and Morrison stores as well as approximately 150 pubs in the North West plus national distribution. From January 2015 it has been served in Manchester Airport at the Lion and Antelope.

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