To mark the start of Cask Ale week, JW Lees & Co (Brewers) are launching ‘The Great JW Lees Beer Hop’ a campaign to promote cask ale, the Great British pub and to encourage drinkers to try an array of beers as an alternative to their usual pint. is a website created by JW Lees that finds users a selection of beers that match their favourite tastes, it selects a pub for them to drink in and then gives them a code to purchase three 1/3 trial drinks for the price of two.

The ‘Beer Hop’ selects the beers based on the users’ favourite tastes but it also recommends something a little different to try, in order to broaden the experience. The drink generator is based on a fruit machine, but the odds are in the drinker’s favour as the ‘Beer Hop’ will ‘hoptimise’ the choice to their taste. The website will also give a wealth of information about the beer and the way that it is brewed helping the drinker to buy beer that they know they’ll enjoy in the future.

Initially the ‘Beer Hop’ is available to selected JW Lees Managed Houses, the objective is to expand it throughout the North West, North Wales and Yorkshire to JW Lees licensees and free trade customers.

Cask ales selected for the first ‘Beer Hop’ include JW Lees Bitter, Drayman’s Reward and Brewer’s Dark.

William Lees-Jones, Managing Director at JW Lees, said: ‘The quality of the cask ale and beer we are producing is the best it has ever been, but to enhance our customers’ experience we need to use our expertise to help them pick beers that they’ll enjoy. ‘Beer Hop’ gives customers the chance to trial quality beers, find new pubs and get excited about something new.

‘It also allows us to support some of our popular but less mainstream beers. Licensees have told us they worry about stocking old favourites like Brewer’s Dark and Moonraker and are put off trying something new like Drayman’s Reward because cask enthusiasts don’t necessarily know they are on sale, ‘Beer Hop’ gives them the confidence to put these beers back on the bar, knowing that we are directing drinkers to their business.”