Boilerhouse Cycle Two

After brewing an incredible 52 beers in 2023, we’re ready for the next challenge.

In 2024, we aim to bring you collaborations, previous and popular Boilerhouse brews, plenty of variation in cask/keg and most of all, some really on trend and new brews. We go live with Cycle Two of The Boilerhouse, releasing 4 beers which are all available at once.

Twin Fire – A ruby mild beer of impeccable balance, it captivates with its velvety texture, marrying malt sweetness with gentle hop bitterness. Toasted grains and hints of dark fruit offer a sensory adventure.

Helles Horizon – Indulge in our Munich Helles, a golden gem that epitomizes Bavarian brewing finesse. Delicate malt sweetness harmonizes with floral hops, offering a crisp, refreshing experience. Smooth and impeccably balanced, it embodies tradition with a modern twist. Raise a glass and savour the essence of Munich in every sip. Prosit!

Jam Ripple – Savour the heavenly symphony of flavours in our Swiss Roll Sour. Bursting with the luscious essence of ripe raspberries, creamy vanilla, and the nostalgia of freshly baked cake, each sip delivers a tempting blend of sweetness and tartness.

Round Trip – The tropical allure of our collaboration with Track Brewing, a Pale Ale where vibrant notes of juicy orange intertwine with creamy coconut, creating a flavour sensation that transports you to sun-kissed shores. Balanced with malt sweetness and hop bitterness using three new world hops.

These four brews will be available from 15th April – 14th June before we move onto Cycle Three where we’ll explore four new beers.