Blackberry Heaven

12th September 2022

Following the success of our last sold out collaboration with Cloudwater, our next collaboration is with North Brewing. North Brewing are renowned for their iconic bar atmosphere, modern pale ales and beautiful fruit beers so we couldn’t resist…we brewed a classic session New England IPA but added gallons of oozing blackberry and stone fruit flavour.

New England IPA is an American styled beer which has a full body with smooth, tropical fruit flavour and a distinct bitterness.

So, what’s different about this brew?

Well apart from the 150kg’s of pureed berries oozing down the side of the Boilerhouse tanks…Imagine all the soft, juicy expectation from a New England style IPA with the twist of copious amounts of blackberries; tropical notes cut with sharp, tangy berries. The brewers used Idaho 7 and mosaic hops paired with pale malts, flaked oats, and torrefied wheat for a tropical hop aroma and to enhancing hop bitterness and berry flavours.

Next we have an exciting brew with Indy Man Beer Con, this will sit on the festival bars alongside some of our iconic beers; Manchester Pale Ale, Manchester Craft Lager, Founders, Dark Mild and a selection from the Boilerhouse; Craft Pale, Hazy Session and of course this beautiful Blackberry New England IPA. Get your tickets here

Tasting Notes