“John Lees, a real pioneer, our beer was his dream” This crisp, golden ale celebrates the pioneering idea, mill owner, John Lees had when he bought land at Middleton Junction and started brewing beer way back in 1828. Cheers to John Lees, our very own pioneer.

Style Pale Ale / ABV 4.1%
Hops Pioneer
See Light Golden Ale
Smell Dry, Refreshing
Taste Citrus, Moreish
Bitter 4
Sweet 1.5

  • Beer StrengthABV 4.1%
  • Style of BeerStyle of Beer: Pale Ale
  • Beer availability Available: March - April
  • Best enjoyed in JW Lees GlassBest enjoyed in the JW Lees Grip Glass

Allergens: All JW Lees ales contain malted barley, and may contain gluten.

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