John Willie’s

Named after Mr JW Lees himself, this highly coloured robust beer is our original premium bitter. It’s a great pint that drinks smoothly and gives a nutty finish. Made from ale and crystal malt, Northdown and Goldings hops, it is a well-balanced, full-bodied beer. First brewed for bottle in 1999 then perfected for cask in 2008.

Style Bitter / ABV 4.5%
See Auburn, Chestnut
Smell Citrus, Malty
Taste Clean, Crisp, Moreish
Bitter 4.0
Sweet 2.5

  • Beer StrengthABV 4.5%
  • Style of BeerStyle of Beer: Bitter
  • Beer availability Available: All Year
  • Best enjoyed in JW Lees GlassBest enjoyed in the JW Lees Grip Glass

Allergens: All JW Lees ales contain malted barley, and may contain gluten.

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