Game On

Whether your game is football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf or any other sport for that matter, this cask ale is perfect for every sporting event. Ideal for when you’re showing sporting fixtures or just want to celebrate the end of the season, this robust beer is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Style Bitter / ABV 4.2%
See Auburn, Chestnut
Smell Hoppy, Malty
Taste Refreshing, Crisp, Moreish
Bitter 3.5
Sweet 2.0

  • Beer StrengthABV 4.2%
  • Style of BeerStyle of Beer: Bitter
  • Beer availability Available: All Year
  • Best enjoyed in JW Lees GlassBest enjoyed in the JW Lees Grip Glass

Allergens: All JW Lees ales contain malted barley, and may contain gluten.

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