Houmous, crunchy vegetable sticks & apple (182kcal) Contains Celery , Sesame Seeds

Main Courses

Skinny fries Contains Soybeans

Mashed potato  Contains Milk

Thick cut chips Contains Soybeans

Garden Peas Contains Milk

Seasonal vegetables Contains Milk

Seasonal salad May Contain Celery

Freshly baked cheese and onion pie (444kcal) Contains Eggs, Mustard, Milk, Gluten (Wheat)

Grilled beef burger with Cheddar melt (558kcal) Contains Milk, Sulphur Dioxide, Gluten Wheat, May Contain Sesame Seeds

Battered fish goujons (NGCI) (177kcal) Contains Fish & Soybeans

Bucket of chicken dippers with ketchup (223kcal) Contains Celery & Gluten (Wheat)

Plant based meatballs in a tomato sauce (VG/NGCI) (206kcal) Contains Celery

Grilled pork chipolatas wrapped in bacon served with gravy (740kcal) Contains Sulphur Dioxide And Sulphates, Soybeans, Gluten (Wheat)

Little Sunday roast served with all the trimmings (Available Sundays only) (554kcal) Contains Eggs, Milk, Soybeans, Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites, Gluten (Wheat)


Ice cream Contains Milk, May Contain Sesame Seeds

Wafer Contains Eggs, Milk, Soybeans, Gluten (Wheat)