Gender Pay

Gender pay reporting – JW Lees

We are bound by the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Information) Regulations 2017 to report on the pay gap between men and women at JW Lees since we employ more than 250 people. This is our first annual report and is correct for all JW Lees employees as at 5th April 2017. We will now review this annually from 2018.

As a sixth-generation family business in its 190th year, we are proud to provide a true level playing field within the hospitality sector where we are actively developing and supporting our Team Members from minimum wage positions through to management roles in our company. JW Lees is committed to the principle of equal pay for all of our employees: we actively encourage new ideas and collaboration from colleagues at all levels on how we can improve, including fostering diversity and inclusivity in every part of our business.

Specifically, we can report the following as require under the regulations: –

  • JW Lees employs 1,316 people split 52.2% men and 47.8% women
  • Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay shows that men earn 14.1% more than women
  • Median gender pay gap in hourly pay shows that men earn 2.8% more than women
  • Mean bonus gender pay gap shows that men earn 24.8% more bonus than women
  • Median bonus gender pay gap show parity and that neither men nor women earnmore bonus
  • 30.1% of males and 24.8% of females received a bonus payment
  • The number of males and females in each pay quartile: –

o Top quartile is 72.3% men and 27.7% women

o Upper middle quartile 49.6% men and 50.4% wome

o Lower middle quartile 49.8% men and 50.2% women

o Lower quartile 45.4% men and 54.6% women

Analysing the data further shows that women make up an average of one in four of our board members and one in four of our core management team within our Managed House estate. With 40% of our internal management development academy positions being taken by women, we are confident that this ratio will only improve over coming years.

Our challenge is to increase the number of women in Head Chef and other core management roles within our Managed Estate which will undoubtedly close our mean bonus gender pay gap over time.

We can confirm that the information here published is correct and we will update this information annually. We do not have any targets regarding equal pay and will continue to run our business on fair and meritocratic principles with the aim of being a great company that attracts the very best people irrespective of gender, race, age, colour, religion, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, physical or mental disability.


William Lees-Jones

Managing Director

3rd April 2018