JW Lees collaborate with Salt to brew a one-off special edition Boilerhouse beer – available now in cask and keg.

31st October 2022

Following our Golden Mild collaboration with Thornbridge Brewery, we’ve done a 180 turn… from light gold to the darkest beer we’ve ever brewed! Working with Salt, one of the North’s most amazing breweries, we combined our shared passion for the dark side in the penultimate edition of our 2022 collaboration series.

It was only right to honour National Stout Day in November.  Export Stout is a special style of stout which brewed in larger quantities and higher ABV so that it would last long journeys whilst being exported to different regions of the world. They also typically have a particularly pronounced roasted character. The recipe was devised by Colin Stronge from Salt and Tom Evans from JW Lees, a meeting of minds, sharing the best ideas and combing heritage with modern microbrewing.

This export stout is very, very dark, dark enough to stop a lazer. It’s a full-bodied ale with a distinctive malty flavour, this is from the use of dark malt extract, also giving it a rich hue and roasted coffee aroma. The addition of three different types of malt; Pale Ale, Crystal and Roasted Rye, amplifies the true malty flavours that a classic export stout offers. What makes this beer special is the addition of UK hops, Bramling Cross and Cascade. These hops allow notes of lemon and berries to come through the rich dark chocolate, leading to a warm and decadent finish.

Coming in at 6.2%, this delicious export stout is available on both cask and keg.

To commemorate the export inspiration, we’ve named the beer The Mighty Deep. Available for delivery nationwide and in selected JW Lees managed pubs and pub partners.

Tasting Notes