Every family has their Christmas traditions, and one of ours is Plum Pudding. And not the kind of pudding you’re thinking of. It’s time for the return of the plum.

This festive favourite is back, for us it marks the start of the merriest season, a sign for all of us to get into the Christmas spirit, and what’s more joyous than cosying up in one of our pubs with the roaring fires, supping on a pint of Christmas in a glass?

Plum Pudding is a delicious mahogany ale with crystal malt combined with Styrian hops, leading to a perfectly balanced sweetness and at 4.8%, this premium plum ale is a rich mahogany on the eye and has delicious aromas of sweet fruits. To taste, a plum haven. Fruity and full bodied with hints of toasted spice with a smooth and decadent finish. A pint of Christmas.

First brewed in the late 1990’s, this brew’s release is anticipated by thousands of not just Northern drinkers, but drinkers in pubs across the land. In fact, one year we decided to hold off on releasing it but due to high demand and some shouting, we had to bring it back! We aren’t lying when we say this is one of our most popular beers…we now even dedicate a whole day to celebrate its return every year.

Relaunching Friday 24th November, our rich, mahogany, plum packed brew will be available in cask to warm you up in the winter breeze until the new year.