Introducing Light by JW Lees Brewery

18th September 2023

JW Lees, renowned for its commitment to crafting exceptional beers, is proud to announce the launch of its latest creation, “Light”. This refreshing and vibrant 3.4% draught lager is set to dazzle taste buds with its refreshing taste profile and quality ingredients.

Brewed exclusively with British hops and malt, Light embodies the essence of quality and tradition that has defined JW Lees Brewery for nearly two centuries. Straw in colour, it has a subtle hop bitterness that is complemented by hints of tropical fruit and mandarin.

The launch comes in response to the recent duty changes in August 2023, demonstrating JW Lees’ commitment to providing innovative solutions and maintaining the high standards that have made them a household name among beer enthusiasts for many years.

“We are thrilled to introduce ‘Light’ to our customers,” said William Lees-Jones, Managing Director at JW Lees Brewery. “This lager represents not only our dedication to brewing excellence, but also our deep-rooted connection to British ingredients. With its light and refreshing character, ‘Light’ is perfect for those seeking a quality yet approachable beer option. We hope that it will become our customers’ go-to choice for a crisp and flavourful lager experience.”

“Light” by JW Lees Brewery will be available across the JW Lees’ managed estate from the end of September, ensuring that beer aficionados across the region can sample Light on their next visit. Whether you’re relaxing at your local pub with friends or enjoying a sunny afternoon in the beer garden, “Light” promises to be the ultimate choice for those seeking endless refreshment and drinkability.

Raise your glass to a new era of brewing excellence with “Light” by JW Lees Brewery.

About JW Lees

JW Lees is a family-owned brewery and pub company based in Middleton, Manchester that has produced quality real ales since 1828.

The brewery owns and operates c.150 pubs, inns and hotels mainly in North-West England and North Wales. It also owns wine distributor, Willoughbys.

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