Golden Mild with Thornbridge Brewery

17th October 2022

So we’ve done a pale ale, NEIPA and a Bitter so far in our series of collaborations with some excellent breweries. We thought it was about time to do a Golden Mild, and who better to brew it with than our friends at Thornbridge Brewery. Thornbridge is renowned for their award-winning Jaipur IPA and has a huge influence in the Craft Beer scene since 2005.

What makes this brew extra special is by using Slovenian Celeia and UK Cascade hops paired with Pale Ale malts and invert sugar no2. Celeia is ideal for malty flavoured, golden-coloured beers. Strong aroma, mild bittering – perfect for a sweeter golden mild. To enhance the floral aromas, Cascade hops give floral, grapefruit and lychee flavours. Invert sugar no2 lends unique caramel flavours that are particular to classic British ales and is typically used for golden beers – works well for us and our Golden Mild…

This recipe has aromas of floral, lemon and lime with a green tea, demerara and candied peel taste with a full-bodied mouthfeel.

To further enhance this recipe, on keg we’ve made it NITRO! What does this mean, you ask? You can enjoy all the flavours with a smooth and creamy head. But we of course, have to also produce keg to get the smooth, tight head finish as well.

Available in Cask and Keg and ready for delivery to Manchester and even national delivery 17th October. Speak to our team today to get it stocked in the link below

Next up… Salt collaboration; we’ll give you a hint… think dark, then think even darker!

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