Citrus fruitiness and tropical to taste – Summer Pale

3rd July 2023

Our Seasonal range has knocked it out of the park this year so far. Spring Dew was really something special with its light and soft caramel flavour. Some even said it was the best seasonal since Plum Pudding, but we’ll let you decide once you’ve tried what’s to come…

Next up is the phenomenal Summer Pale, the perfect sessionable ale at 3.8%. Could this be your new go-to sipper whilst sat in the beer garden? With flavours of citrus fruitiness and tropical, hints of lime and sugar throughout, you can’t miss this one.

The brew uses Calypso hops to bring that crisp, citrus and green tea aroma paired with peach, pear and tropical flavours. The Dextrin malts add a sweeter flavour to savour throughout to give it the perfect citrus-sweet balance and a full mouthfeel.

Summer Pale is available throughout July and August in all of our managed pubs across the North West, Manchester and North Wales. We are also taking orders for free trade customers for delivery of this refreshing seasonal ale as well as nationally through wholesalers.


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