Boilerhouse May 2023

1st May 2023

So April was…interesting? We really put it all out there and unfortunately, we’re Swiss Roll-ed out! But don’t worry, we’ve got even more up our sleeves.

SMASH2 Mosaic, 4.8% – 01/05/2023

We’re back at it again with the single malt and single hop, this time celebrating what Mosaic hops can do – and boy, she’s a good ‘un. In true ‘poster child’ form of modern hops, Mosaic gives a pop of flavour; blueberry, bubble gum and papaya with a mango-passionfruit aroma.

Don’t Go Off Wandering, 3.6% – 08/05/2023

The Polish champagne – naturally served in a flute. Well, not really, that’s a joke…please don’t harass the team members on the bar for one. A Grodzikie is a European smoked beer, refreshingly light bodied with a rich oak flavour with clean hop aroma. Perfectly sessionable and wonderfully balanced.

Between the Richness, 4.0% – 15/05/2023

Interestingly enough, we dug back into the archives to bring back a creation that was first brewed in the 90’s! A light hopped pale ale with vanilla and caramel – not forgetting our addition of fudge. It’s the perfect fudgy-butterscotch-caramel brew with a smooth, sweet finish.

Restless Ghosts, 4.3% – 22/05/2023

We all love a gateau, especially a black forest one but please leave your fork at home for this one. The brew oozes of layers of chocolate and sweet berry with an indulgent, rich malty base.

To Lime or Not To Lime, 5.2% – 29/05/2023

Quite like it says in the name, do you put fresh lime in your Mexican lager or do you put it to one side? Both are fine so take your stance…are you a limer of your lager or not?

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