Boilerhouse March 2023

20th February 2023

The Boilerhouse definitely picked up the pace during February. We really got into the thick of it with some experimental flavours and styles; Belgian IPA, SMASH Jester, Dry Hop Lager and Custard Pie Pale. And now we move onto the last 4 of the released first 13. Please don’t ask us about the next 13, we’ll get there…stay tuned. But for now here’s what March has in store

Irish Red Ale, 5.4% – 06/03/2023

Real ales are what we do best, but we’ve but an Irish twist on our Manc ways. This red ale is an easy-drinking, full of caramel and toast dream. Ruby in colour and finished with wholesome caramel and toffee notes. Perfect timing for a St Patrick’s Day themed bar…

SMASH Admiral, 4.4% – 13/03/2023

Continuing our SMASH series, single malt and single hop. The idea is to showcase what each hop can do in each brew. Admiral hops are known for their excellent high-flavour notes of orange, citrus and herbal with smooth bittering.

Tropical Pale Ale, 4.2% – 20/03/2023

Piña. Colada. Pineapple and coconut sweetness with a touch of kiwi and passionfruit. This brew uses HBC 472 hops which typically gives a combination of cream, vanilla and wood flavour with citrus, it is often described as having coconut and barrel aged flavours.

White Chocolate Stout, 4.7% – 27/03/2023

Layers of smooth vanilla give a decadent mouthfeel with flavours of white chocolate, bourbon and milk. Using Pheonix hops in this brew adds to the chocolate and bitterness with a slight hint of spice.

That’s it, that wraps up the first 13 of the Boilerhouse 52! We’ll leave you in curiosity and anticipation until we release the next 13 that run from April to June…

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