Boilerhouse June 2023

5th June 2023

In May we saw some amazing flavours; fudge, black forest, limes…and we’ve STILL got more to give. We’re now nearly halfway there with our 52 beers for the year. Here’s what we’ve got for you in June.

SMASH2 Idaho 7, 4.8% – 05/06/2023

Single Malt and Single Hop revisited using Idaho 7 hops, and this will conclude our SMASH series where the hop is the star of the show. Idaho 7 is a new world hop with strong grapefruit flavours, this one is big on flavour.

Can We Start Again, 4.3% – 12/06/2023

Oat milk coffee stout. Cold brew espresso and bags of oats bring your favourite barista style hot drink in beer form. We think you’ll like this a latte…

Out of Style, 2.5% – 19/06/2023

In the midst of summer, we’ve gone full refreshing and zest. A refreshing blend of malt and orange juice and low in ABV so you can enjoy more of it!

Copper and Stars, 5.6% – 26/06/2023

An English Rye IPA where pale and crystal rye malts meet Fuggles and Jester hops to create a blackcurrant and spice taste with a hoppy and toffee aroma.

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