Boilerhouse January 2023

2nd January 2023

As we start the adventure of 52 beers for 2023 in The Boilerhouse, we release them in 4 stages of 13. Let’s explore what January has to offer…

Small Beer, 3.0% – 02/01/2023

This is a super drinkable and relaxed session ale. With an easy malt body and intense hop hit from the Cryo hops, this pale ale is the perfect ease-in to January after a booze-filled Christmas. Pale amber in colour with hints of tropical, lime and tangerine for aroma, finished with a taste of stone fruit and pineapple.

DDH Pale Ale, 5.3% – 09/01/2023

Big U.S hops varieties of Mosaic, HBC 472 and Summit hops bring all of the juicy flavours. Some would say hopped to the max. Flavours of sweet mango, strawberry and aromas of citrus and grapefruits. Hazy yellow in appearance makes this a classic double dry hopped pale ale.

SMASH UK Cascade, 4.4% – 16/01/2023

Single malt and single hop. We are doing a series of these throughout our 52 Boilerhouse beers, this one uses UK Cascade hops, giving grassy, citrus taste and floral aromas.

Banana Porter, 5.4% – 23/01/2023

This porter has a complex six hop blend. It uses a sweet malt to give vibrant banana flavours and is fermented using German Hefeweizen yeast to amplify the aromas further. Dark chocolate on the eye with a caramel, roast, and of course banana taste.

Session NEIPA, 3.8% – 30/01/2023

Exactly what it says on the tin, or pump clip. Our take on a New England IPA, a sessionable, hop-forward and full of fruit flavours with a soft mouth. With a hazy appearance and a soft mouthfeel, boasting sweet, juicy flavours and ripe fruit.

Starting off strong, we know…stay tuned for February releases.

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