Boilerhouse February 2023

31st January 2023

February Boilerhouse

As expected, we heard a lot of “What?! 52 beers?” across the last month or so…we dipped our toes in the pool of experimentation during January; Small Beer, DDH Pale Ale, SMASH UK Cascade, Banana Porter and Session NEIPA. We’re going that little bit further (diving right in, headfirst) in February, we’re excited for the bars all over Manchester and beyond to dive in with us…

Belgian IPA, 5.5% – 06/02/2023

How can we explain this one? Bringing Belgian brewing heritage and New World hops together using traditional yeast strain paired with UK Opus hops to deliver zesty flavours. How was that?

SMASH Jester, 4.4% – 13/02/2023

The single malt and single hop journey continues. We are doing a series of these throughout our 52 Boilerhouse beers to really give different hops their time to shine. This one uses Jester hops, some would say it bursts with tropical notes…but that’s some people. You might want to try it to confirm.

Dry Hop Lager, 5.2% – 20/02/2023

Of course we had to chuck a lager in the mix. We’ve taken a premium lager and upped the intensity. Mosaic hops bring the lip-smacking tropical aromas, paired with crisp, refreshing flavours. If you need more convincing, it’s got bubbles!

Custard Pie Pale, 4.0% – 27/02/2023

CUSTARD. PIE. You heard it right, it’s in the name. Huell Melon hops bring subtle strawberry jam notes and it’s finished with a smooth creamy mouthfeel.

We think you’ll agree that these beers are getting better and better (our brewers are getting busier and busier too). Bet you can’t wait for the March edition… we know we can’t.

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