The name of this beer comes from a story about a group of farm-labourers who thought that the reflection of the moon in a pond was a lovely truckle of Lancashire cheese, and tried to rake it out but ended up falling in! This reddish-brown beer has a strong, fruity aroma accompanied by a rich, sweet flavour. First brewed in 1950.

Style Strong Ale / ABV 6.5%
See Ebony
Smell Rich, Warming, Dark Chocolate
Taste Fruity, Liquorice, Roasted
Bitter 4.5
Sweet 4.0

  • Beer StrengthABV 6.5%
  • Style of BeerStyle of Beer: Dark Ale
  • Style of BeerAlso Available in 500ml Bottles
  • Beer availability Available: All Year
  • Best enjoyed in JW Lees GlassBest enjoyed in the JW Lees Grip Glass

Allergens: All JW Lees ales contain malted barley, and may contain gluten.

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